Software development and BPO Solutions

Asia Premier has been operating since 2007,  becoming one of the leading Development, Call Center and BPO centers in the Philippines, known for its highly trained specialists, exceptional customer service and innovative yet cost-efficient solutions.

Our success has been built on leveraging the superior English language skills and high educational standards available in the Philippines, to deliver high value, low cost call and BPO solution to our customers in the US, Europe and Australia.  We are a boutique BPO that is not in the mass market, but in the market to deliver highly personalized, high quality service.  We have over 250 staff, so can meet all your needs at the right price.

At Asia Premier, the client’s success is our focus. With this in mind, the company is built on the core values of Teamwork, Integrity, Quality, Professionalism, Respect, Innovation, Results Orientation, Entrepreneurial Spirit and Excellent Client Relationship.

Asia Premier understands the ever shifting trends of today, and that is why we are fully committed and invested in the latest technologies, practices and methodologies. But a great outsourcing company isn’t known just for keeping up with the technological trends, but rather for the people that work in it. Here at Asia Premier, we understand that and are fully vested in the well-being and advancement of all our staff, specialists and personnel.

Today, companies around the world trust Asia Premier to deliver the back-end human support that is needed in their day-to-day operations. Other outsourcing companies look at us as a model of what outsourcing should be – effective, efficient, extraordinary while still having the human touch Filipinos are well known for.