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Software Development

How our dedicated offshore development team can improve your delivery capability while saving you money.
You run an efficient development team but the demands from the business keep growing every year, new mobile and web apps required every month as well as maintaining your current portfolio. You need more developers but your budget doesn’t allow it especially with your team based in an expensive location such as the US, Australia or the UK. You need to break out of this problem to deliver results for your business.

Of course you have heard about offshoring, didn’t everybody try India a few years back? But you’ve heard India is expensive now, and the staff turnover is high, new staff every six months…and of course the English quality over the conference calls. And all those “fixed price” projects…that either don’t deliver or double with change requests. That aint gonna work!

There is a solution, and its quite simple… manage the work…after all you have a great development team already, why outsource it all. But we can provide you developers in our development centre in the Philippines to augment your teams and work with them. You can add incremental resource as you need it, getting the benefits of a significantly cheaper development team with maintaining the high quality your teams deliver now.

Why choose the Philippines?
 English – as a former US province, English is a first language…..not a second one….communications are smooth and clear
 Education – the US education system remains in the Philippines, and there are a huge number of high quality University graduates eager to forge an IT career working with us on your projects
 Infrastructure – with Philippines being the major hub for international undersea internet lines, our network infrastructure in world class, this allows our team to be as productive as your own in your office, and allows regular real time communication between your teams and their extended colleagues in Manila
 Price – the Philippines offers outstanding value for money, with experienced developers being around half the price of what you are paying now in your own country. And even better its an all inclusive price…no add ons…we include all taxes, desks, benefits, computers and internet access. No surprises, just a flat monthly rate.

So how does it work?
Its really simple! You tell us the skillsets you need, or even better give us the Job Description. If we have the resource available in our team they can be assigned to you, but if we don’t we will recruit to your specification. We have a highly experienced and efficient recruitment team who will get you the resources you want. You can be involved as little or as much as you like. Once they are onboarded we will provide them a desk, PC, email and internet access at which point they become part of your team, to manage remotely as you require. Of course we will continue to ensure their attendance, leave, development etc works for both us and you. But essentially they are an extension to your team. They can even work your time zone to ensure efficiency. And the cost to you is simply a fixed monthly fee, no add ons or surprises.

How can I get started?
We love doing this type of work, so we make it as simple to get started as possible. There is no minimum team size and we are happy to work with you to do a trial before you commit to any long term contracts. Simply tell us what you need, or better give us your job description, and we will provide you a simple quote with a flat monthly rate and once your happy and able to sign we will go ahead and onboard your new team member. That’s it. Why not give us a try now?

What technologies are offered?
In fact we can recruit pretty much any technology you require, our most common of course are .NET and Java, but we can recruit very specifically for your needs. Some of the more common technologies we work with are:
 .NET
 Java / Java EE
 C++
 C#, VB.NET, C++.NET

How would it work once they are onboarded?
The management of the team resides with you. The team will work in whichever mode your current team does. If its waterfall, they you can send them a Requirements document and they will code to the requirement and standards you put in place. If you are running Agile, then they will participate in your daily stand ups and show cases via Skype or WebEx just as any other team member. And we can use your chosen tools such as Jira for tracking and communication and reporting.

And Testing?
Again that’s up to you. Our resources can test to whatever extent you require. You may just want them to do development and unit testing, or you may want them to participate in System Integration Test, that’s your call. In fact, we can also provide dedicated test teams to do Unit, SIT or UAT for work done by our developers or even a stand alone service to conduct offshore testing of work done by your onshore teams. Like all things with Asia Premier, the choice is yours.